Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So my family and I went to check out the aforementioned food vendor event at The Yard in Brooklyn. It was kind of a bust, as when we got here there were only 3 vendors, and one of them made fruit drinks. (The fourth, a fancy ice cream truck showed up late.) The buzz was they had invited a lot more, but not many accepted, as they thought the crowd wouldn’t be large enough. Well, they missed it. The lines were huge for the two food vendors. Like 30 minute wait huge. I would have skipped the whole thing and just gone down to the Empanada Lady on Sackett, but the Pizza Moto guy was there. And I’ve been wanting try his pizza. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/05/dining/05pizza.html?_r=1&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink
So I waited the 30 mins to order…and then the 40 mins to actually get the pizza, once they got down the list, written on a piece of paper, in long rows. There had to be 30 people, names and orders, before me on that list. And the women right in front of me ordered like 8 pies. But I, a New Yorker, for some reason, was thoroughly patient. And my son, 10-years of pure genetic and learned environmental impatience, was totally alright with hanging around an ungodly long time to get a nine-inch ring of dough with sauce and stuff on top. It was an amazing day, nice breeze, people were a little too hipster, but nice. So I stood around Pizza Moto mobile wood burning oven, because even thought there was a million people in front of me , my neurosis prevented me from leaving the ring of people who were also waiting. I didn’t want to miss my pie when my names was called. What it did afford me was being able to watch the three person team systematically, artfully and precisely make some of the best pie I’ve ever had. I had ordered a Ramp pie, that came with the spring time fetishized wild leek, incredibility delicious thick cut pieces of bacon, Grana Padano cheese and tomato sauce. I also got a taste if the artichoke and oil pie from a guy eating some in next to me. That I was staring at. Until he offered me a piece. Yeah at eleven buck for a nine-inch pie seems a little much, but all that was on it was just really good and fresh, was cooked in a wood fired oven on wheels and made with great care. Ya know…it’s just f&#$ing pizza. But when it’s done well, with honesty, of all things “integrity”, and no pretence, (which these days in short supply,) well hell, one would probably have to work pretty hard to screw it up. (I put “integrity” in quotes, because when they screwed up and forgot to put cheese on a pie and set it aside, I offered to take it and just have them cross my name off the list. At first the woman said no, them she said “well…how about you just take the pie and when yours is ready, you can have that too.” And after a pause “It’s an integrity thing.” She explained.)

The pie was just good, hands down. I ended up getting the “Last ramp pie on earth.” When they ran out of the topping and she “took” the last one from the 8 pie person in front of me. The boy was happy, my wife was happy and yes, patience still intact, I too was in infected with a glorious pizza happiness.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eurotrip, and no I don't mean the bad movie with Michelle Trachtenberg...


I'll go ahead and be honest, my review here is going to be a little biased as my friend works here, that being said, Eurotrip on 5th ave and 20th St in South Slope Brooklyn is a solid spot.

The food definitely falls on the heavier side of things, I've had are the Spicy Hungarian Goulash and the Langoš, Hungarian fried bread, Pub style (home-made tomato sauce, Edam cheese, medium-hot German sausage, fresh mushrooms). I also have had a taste of a couple excellent specials including a very good spicy shrimp bisque. I remember the goulash being really good, pretty spicy without being overwhelming (for me) and a perfect meal to have the afternoon after a long night out. Going with the same idea, I ate the Langoš before a night out. I have only had Langoš here, so I don't really have a point of reference, but this was way heavy on the grease, even for fried bread in my opinion. This aside it was quite tasty and once again pretty spicy, I kindof wonder if this applies to their entire menu. Prices are in the $10-$20 range for entrees, but expect to drink a few beers or alot of water to keep the heat under control.

The atmosphere is nice, huge glass front for easy people watching, a solid bar, and a more intimate backroom with a good display of local art work. I like Eurotrip overall, as long as my friend works there I'll continue going. Although a completely different genre, the pizza place across the way, Toby's Public House (review to come) would probably steal my business if I lived closer...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Food Truck Party

The Yard in Brooklyn is hosting a "Food Truck and Vender" extravaganza on Sat. http://bklynyard.com/sat-may-23rd-bklyn-yard-opening-event-parked/ looks good an we get to support local food making folks. While your in the neighborhood, make a trip to Sackett St. and Smith for some the best empanadas in the five boroughs. ""Cookie" sets up her show every Saturday and cooks some the best street food ever!

Bonnie's Grill


Last night I went out to Bonnie's Grill on 5th Avenue and 1st street in Park Slope. The burger poorly pictured above is their veggie patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickled jalapeno and chipolte mayo. I know what you're thinking, what the hell am I doing ordering a veggie burger, I'm not quite sure, I did have a couple beers before heading to dinner, and I did get bacon on it...

I have eaten at Bonnie's many times, I started going there a little more than three years ago when apartment hunting in the winter. My brother and I would get their hot wings made extra hot and then stand outside sweating with no jacket. The wings are great here, and they will make them as hot as you want them, easily. If I plan on having more than a few I usually stick to the medium ones, hot is pretty warm. I have seen them use the Endorphin Rush hot sauce before, but I'm not sure what kind of combination of sauces they use for the wings on a regular basis. You will most likely need extra blue cheese, I would recommend ordering it when you order the wings, especially if you are there when its packed. Side note: Bonnie's gets slammed on the weekends, and though pretty damn good, I don't really think its worth waiting in a huge line for. On the other hand their burger stomps that of Corner Burger down the way. The chicken sandwich is ok, as is the pulled pork, but nothing really that special, I usually stick to the burgers, fries and wings. Note: Chipolte mayo for the fries and well everything else too rocks.

Overall for the money I think Bonnie's is a pretty good place. I wouldn't travel from another borough (see: Sripraphai) to go there, but when its not too crowded to get a table right away and I'm in the hood its at the top of my list for burgers and wings, for now...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peppinos Pizza


I went around the corner to peppinos on 5th ave btwn 10th and 11th street the other day to try and find the pizza joint I will be frequenting in the new hood. Based on good reviews on yelp I had fairly high expectations. I just hot a slice of plain (2.50). The slice was good, it's not exactly Tonys or carmines from the old neighborhood, it's brick oven and has a slightly thinner crust. I liked the sauce alot, the crust was pretty good too. I'm not sure I'm in love with the quality of the cheese, but will have to return for further research. Peppinos isn't a walkup kindof place, definately more of a sit down and order a whole pie joint. The guy working the counter was pretty cool and the setup is pretty nice for a casual pizza spot. The recession special looks like the most bang for your eating solo buck with 2 plain slices and a drink for 5 bucks. I'm interested to see what the toppings pies are like and how peppinos stacks up against the other spots around there. For the meantime it looks like a reliable place for a quick slice.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hanco's, The one on 7th ave & 10th st

So I've only been to this location of Hanco's, I hear the other original one is better, but this one is only a few blocks from me. This was my third time or so. I really want to love the place, but I'm pretty sure I just like it. The service is okay, nothing special, order from the nice counter people wait with your number and then go pick up your tray. I am not a big fan of their beverage selection, I really wish their ice green tea was better, I don't believe it is regular green tea, something else is in it. The banh mi-ish sandwiches are damn good, especially the pork one. I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken sandwich (pictured), I think the pork is the way to go. The bread is a bit softer than what you get at Banh Mi Saigon (I think they are a pretty decent reference point) in soho, and I love the fact that there is butter in the sandwiches, but the prices are pretty steep for the amount of food. For a drink and a sandwich plus a buck or two for tip you will cross the $10 mark. I feel like you can feed 2 off one of the banh mi from Saigon and it only costs 4 bucks. But alas being that it is only a few blocks from my house and is the only banh mi option I am aware of in the neighborhood I will definitely continue going.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corner Burger in Park Slope

A couple of weeks ago, when I was moving my first round of things down to my current space Preston and I took a post traffic and box moving trip to Corner Burger. It was the second time i've been through there. Not a favorite for me when it comes to burgers, but pretty decent. Pictured above is the beef burger with muenster cheese, bacon, sauteed onions, chipolte mayo, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The good: Tons of options for toppings including a good chipolte mayo sauce, several cheeses, avocado, jalapenos. The bad: you are not asked what temperature you would liked your burger cooked, which my speak to the quality of the meat. The guys that work there are very nice but the service seems rough, like it should be counter service but they do table service anyway.

Will it be my last time in there, probably not, but i wont be having craving for it either. Overall the burgers stay juicy even though they have a tendency to be overcooked and the toppings make up most of the flavors in the burger. They will definitely fall apart on you if you're not careful, so set them down gently and dont squeese to hard when trying to crush all those toppings into a biteable size. Orders of fries are plenty big enough to split and pretty good, I would stick to the regular ones and not the curly fries though, the curlies just arnt crisp enough for me. So if its the middle of the day, and bonnies hasnt opened yet, you could make a worse choice than Corner Burger, they do have beer...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got To Love People


I don't know...but kinda alright I say....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its been a while... But you gotta check this out!

First off These business cards are freaking sweet!

Second, I'm moving to a new hood, so hopefully the explorations there will lead to numerous new posts!