Friday, June 26, 2009

Gatling Taters

Growing up in FLorida we made a few potato guns, but never anything quite like this. Jup to the last 20 sec or so of the vid fro the only real action shots...

Muncie Round Up


Thai Smile, one of the best meals there.


Flatbread pizza, possibly the best thing I ate while there, and surprisingly from Fugly Mugglies which produced a mediocre burger and possibly the coldest fries Ive ever been served in a restaurant. They were spiced though.


A brutal callzone from Greek's. This was half. The breadsticks at the table were swimming in about a 1/2 cup of liquid butter at the bottom of the basket. I could feel my veins clogging after eating this meal. Apparently this place will still provide takeout orders if you have no shirt or shoes and is super friendly. Also check out the warning the have on all the tables...


Over all I would call Muncie, IN a non-foodie type town. Lots of super filling, not all that nutritional, heavy meals. Then again I was on a budget and stayed pretty close to the Ball State University campus, so maybe there are some jewels out there...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So Ive been in Muncie, IN since Thursday evening. To be truthful the food has been pretty damn poor all around, no pics of anything yet. Hopefully it will get better, but I don't see that coming. I will tell you that its a setup from the grub we ate on election night in Chicago. So far its been some mediocre pulled pork from a chain type place where you throw the peanut shells on the floor. It was aight because it was drenched in bbq sauce, I cant imagine it wouldve held up otherwise. Some Chinese buffet, i dont think i need to elaborate here, and a subway 6". So far I'l give props to the staff here for providing some good fresh fruit in the mornin. More later...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

That's The Rub

So I finally I found a basic recipe for a rub. After scouring my cookbooks and the web for way too long, and not having that southern upbringing to fall back on, all it took a DVR’d Alton Brown ribs show. The Food network does nothing but erk me most of the time, with overproduced shows and Giada De Laurentiis fucking smiling every two seconds, but Mr. Brown does, usually come through with helpful tidbits. It was, at last, the simple beginning I needed. U used the show’s recipe of 8-3-1+1, 8 parts brown sugar, 3 parts salt, and one part chili powder, plus one part of the rest. It’s the rest part that makes it fun....and all yours. What is great about it, is you can use anything to measure it all. I used my son’s liquid medicine measuring cup, for the antibiotics he is taking. I’ll be sure I clean it out good before the next dose.

I know your not suppose to give out your rub recipe, but I honestly don’t know how the rub, and the ribs I have put it on, will end up. For the rest part I used, sweet paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, ground dry mustard, pulverized dry tarragon, garlic powder and turmeric. How much of each, well you got me. Enough of each to fill up the medicine thingy one more time.