Friday, June 26, 2009

Muncie Round Up


Thai Smile, one of the best meals there.


Flatbread pizza, possibly the best thing I ate while there, and surprisingly from Fugly Mugglies which produced a mediocre burger and possibly the coldest fries Ive ever been served in a restaurant. They were spiced though.


A brutal callzone from Greek's. This was half. The breadsticks at the table were swimming in about a 1/2 cup of liquid butter at the bottom of the basket. I could feel my veins clogging after eating this meal. Apparently this place will still provide takeout orders if you have no shirt or shoes and is super friendly. Also check out the warning the have on all the tables...


Over all I would call Muncie, IN a non-foodie type town. Lots of super filling, not all that nutritional, heavy meals. Then again I was on a budget and stayed pretty close to the Ball State University campus, so maybe there are some jewels out there...

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